Workation - A new way to combine work and leisure and a possible benefit for those who work in real estate

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Workation – A New Way to Combine Work and Leisure and a possible benefit for those who work in real estate

Aug 2023

In recent years, the concept of “workation” has become increasingly popular, changing the way people view work and vacations. This growing trend has a significant impact on the real estate industry as it offers new and exciting opportunities for employees and property owners. But what is workation, and why is it an advantage for employees?

What is Workation?

Workation is a combination of remote work and vacation. Workation practitioners take their work equipment and go to beautiful and relaxing places but continue to work from there. This can mean working from a beachside village, a cabin in the mountains, or an exotic city – the options are endless.

Why is Workation an Advantage for Employees?

  1. Flexibility and Freedom: Workation offers employees the flexibility to organize their work schedule according to their preferences. They can choose to work in the morning and relax in the afternoon or work during the week and reserve weekends for exploration. This freedom increases employee satisfaction and productivity.
  2. Opportunity to Explore New Places: Workation gives employees the chance to explore and experience new travel destinations. Instead of spending vacations in the same place every time, they can discover new cultures and locations, leading to personal growth and enriched life experiences.
  3. Stress Reduction: A more relaxed working environment and a change of scenery can help reduce stress and fatigue. In a more relaxing environment, employees can work more efficiently and cope better with work challenges.
  4. Increased Productivity: A new and stimulating environment can lead to increased creativity and productivity. Employees can find new sources of inspiration in the places they visit, which can have a positive impact on the quality of their work.
  5. Time and Money Savings: Workation can save employees the time and money they would normally spend planning vacations. They no longer have to spend hours in traffic or pay for accommodation during vacations.

Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Workation has a significant impact on the real estate industry. Property owners can benefit from the increased demand for short-term housing in popular workation destinations. Many employees prefer to stay in apartments or houses during their workation, thus providing rental opportunities for property owners.

In conclusion, workation is a significant advantage for employees, offering them flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to enrich their work and life experience. At the same time, this trend has had a positive impact on the real estate industry, opening up new opportunities for property owners. Therefore, workation is not just a trend but also a significant change in how people conceive their professional and personal lives.

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