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Nov 2021

When you make the decision to build a house, the main concern is the budget – how to proceed so that it costs as little as possible. Inevitably, you consider building your own. But what does that mean?

Self-build means that you, together with your relatives and friends, will be in charge of building the house. The main advantage of this way of building is lower labour costs, but the risks can also be quite high.

I do not recommend doing this unless you have experience in all stages of a construction. Unfortunately, many workers consider themselves experts if they have had only superficial contact with construction sites and end up doing poor quality work based on improvisation that will not stand the test of time.

Quality and warranty

The biggest disadvantage is the poor quality of the work. A self-employed contractor often lives under the false impression that he knows all the aspects known to the specialist tradesmen. Unfortunately, quality problems arise when it is already too late to change anything.

In addition, you can’t hold anyone responsible for mistakes in workmanship – you are solely responsible for any problems. The fact that you are both the Beneficiary and the Contractor also puts you in the situation where you cannot guarantee the work you have done because you are also doing it.

Work without legal forms

More than likely you will not be able to go through all the stages of the construction only with relatives (a practice not yet regulated by law), so you will have to use people to pay for each day of work. The law does not allow working without a work card. One of the problems frequently encountered in building a self-build house is that it often involves working with a team of craftsmen working without legal forms. In the event of an inspection, at best, you will only get away with a fine, but it can also lead to work being stopped and a criminal case being filed.

Materials at list price

You shouldn’t splurge on cheaper labour, as the price of materials will raise the total price of the job. This is because construction companies buy their materials from distributors with whom they have established partnerships or even from manufacturers, with whom they have much more bargaining power in terms of volumes worked. You, on the other hand, will not have this advantage by carrying out the work yourself.


If you don’t have an activity that can bring you more good, it’s worth spending your time on construction.


Builders deserve the profit they make because the level of responsibility is enormous and they know how to manage any potential hindrances.

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