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Apartment 3 rooms type 06A THE LEVEL 3

Intrarea Străulești 17-23
101 mp
2 bedrooms
2 parking spaces
Available on floors 1-5

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Video Surveillance
Secure Access
Underfloor Heating
Air Conditioner
Parking Lots
Green Areas
Pedestrian Walkaways
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Smart Home System
Heat Pumps
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Electrical Vehicles Charging Stations
Tennis Courts
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Swimming Pool
Apartments with gardens
Lake Acces
Universities / Schools
Business Centers
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Discover the 3-bedroom apartments type 06A in THE LEVEL 3 RESIDENCE residential complex available on floors 1-5.

The apartments have a surface area of 101 sqm, and with a perfect positioning within the complex, the apartments enjoy generous natural light and a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Explore THE LEVEL complex and stay connected to the energy of the city.
After carefully studying the housing needs tailored to modern, dynamic living, we have outlined the types of apartments. We haven't "saved" space at the expense of comfort. Our apartments are designed for you. They are places where you can express your imagination. Together, they form a community based on safety.

The residential complex consists of 105 apartments and offers a wide variety of housing types, ranging from studios and one-bedroom units to two, three, or four-bedroom units and penthouses.

The ground floor is tall and includes spaces dedicated to services. On the ground floor in the access area, there is a green space arrangement that also serves as a common area for residents, and the 130 above-ground and underground parking spaces are provided within the land lot.

The quality of living is the first aspect considered when choosing a residential complex, and this includes proximity to points of interest: work, green areas, shopping, institutions, major access roads. We chose to start a new community in the Străulești area with the first Level I complex. It was completed and fully sold in 2020.

The idea of real estate development for Redport Properties starts with the promise of doing things "differently" and revolves around the notion of continuous upgrading at all levels of project development. Whether it's the location's financing, the general concept, the choice of finishes, the introduction of new technologies and innovative elements, the attention to every detail, the Level projects are a testament to this commitment.

The project is located in the northern part of Bucharest on Străulești Street, No. 17-23, close to malls, parks, recreational areas, fitness centers (Oasis Lounge), and markets with traditional products.

The proposed street profile is 24 meters wide, with 4 lanes of road traffic on both sides, wide sidewalks, and generous green alignment spaces. The transition from the vibrancy of this boulevard to the private space of the building is softened by raising the ground floor level 1.30 meters above the natural ground level. The transition is smooth, and the experience is positive, aided by the green space arrangement at the elevated ground floor; access to the residential building is through a landscaped garden. The ground floor also includes spaces dedicated to services, contributing to the privacy and safety of residents. These dedicated spaces for offices and more are the first to benefit from the green space on the elevated ground floor.

Access to the complex can be made, in addition to personal vehicles, through bus lines 112 and 149 and the Jiului metro station (2.1 km away).

The architectural concept adheres to high principles of living and coexistence. From the composition of strictly technical areas to the use of common transit spaces and more, the main idea is to optimize the construction while respecting the privacy of each future tenant. The green islands within the complex, the ground-level parking, and the underground parking in the basement, equipped with charging stations for electric cars - everything is designed to improve the quality of life.

For visual comfort and better energy performance, the construction is designed so that the apartments have a general orientation towards the northwest on one side of the building and southeast on the other side. Based on the same criteria, the glazed surfaces are generous, making the apartments bright and, at the same time, energy-efficient due to the spatial orientation of the construction.

Premium finishes are used. The overall image of the complex is coherent. Common spaces, the entrance area to the complex, and the lobby areas are treated with a special design that has color coordination, materials, style, and concept in line with the finishes on the exterior of the building and within the apartments.

Study the surroundings and the Străulești area

where are located the properties of the project THE LEVEL APARTMENTS

Straulești Road is an important street in the north-western part of Bucharest, stretching for about 4.5 km. This street is generally two lanes in each direction and is intended for vehicular traffic, being important for access to the neighbourhoods in the area and for connecting with other major arteries in Bucharest. Straulești Road starts at the intersection with Petricani Street and ends at the intersection with Câmpul Pipera Street, intersecting other important streets such as Ion Ionescu de la Brad Boulevard, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street and Jandarmeriei Street.

On Straulesti Road you can find many shops, restaurants, cafes, as well as offices and headquarters of important companies. Also on this street is the campus of the Romanian-American University, as well as various educational institutions and medical centres.

Access to the complex can be made, in addition to the personal car, by bus lines 112 and 149 and the Jiului metro station (2.1 km away).

And discuss with one of our consultants who will provide you with the project that suits your needs.


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