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2 rooms apartment type A2 D – Lead Grigorescu 103

Bd. Nicolae Grigorescu 103,
Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest
51 sqm
1 bedroom
1 parking lot
Available at floors 1,2,4 and 5

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Video Surveillance
Secure Access
Underfloor Heating
Air Conditioner
Parking Lots
Commercial Areas
Universities / Schools
Gas Station
and talk with one of our consultants who will present you a personalized offer

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We present our 2-bedroom apartments type A2D in the residential complex Lead Grigorescu 103 available only on the 2nd floor.

The apartments have a surface of 51 sqm (balcony included) and are east facing.

Your future home will be waiting for you in a green, family-friendly area, oriented to the needs of family dynamics.
LEAD GRIGORESCU 103. A boutique building, responsibly built for a small and distinguished community. The LEAD Grigorescu 103 residential complex is a low-rise building D+P+2E+3Er+4Er+5Er, in an extremely advantageous area for Bucharest residents, on Nicolae Grigorescu Boulevard 103. The 48 apartments of 2, 3 and 4 rooms will await their residents in an area with green spaces, family-friendly, oriented to the needs of family dynamics.

Finishes and attention to detail are essential attributes of an apartment block, regardless of the number of apartments or floors. LEAD Grigorescu 103 is built with the highest quality, durable materials that ensure both physical comfort - acoustic, visual and thermal, and a sense of security - so necessary at home.

LEAD Grigorescu 103 is where you find yourself and your balance.

Study the surroundings and the Nicolae Grigorescu area

where are located the properties of the project LEAD Grigorescu 103

The ideal address for a modern, active lifestyle that wants to stay connected to the city's attractions. The metro station on Magistrala 3, Nicolae Grigorescu - with connection to Magistrala 1, is only 900 m from your future home.

Pre-school and primary education institutions such as the British International School or Titu Maiorescu University, parks, restaurants such as Bistro Burghez, Berarilor Fortress or Casa Dante, Park Lake shopping centre, shops and the nearby food market are just some of the reasons why you will thank yourself later for your choice.

Once settled in your Grigorescu home, you will be able to warm up in the morning in the Lia Manoliu Sports Complex, the National Arena or the IOR Park, so Grigorescu is the place where you find yourself and get your balance. Where you smile and experience unique moments with your loved ones.

and talk with one of our consultants who will present you a personalized offer


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În tot acest timp, am vazut multe greșeli pe care oamenii le fac atunci când plănuiesc achiziția unei locuințe noi. Așadar, am învățat și noi din experiențele lor și ne-am horătât să le împărtășim cu tine.

We have prepared for you a guide with 5 detalii la care să fii atent când cumperi o locuință nouă.

și nu repeta pe banii tăi greșelile pe care le-au făcut alții

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