Mar 2023

Straulești Road is an important street in the north-western part of Bucharest, stretching for about 4.5 km. This street is generally two lanes in each direction and is intended for vehicular traffic, being important for access to the neighbourhoods in the area and for connecting with other major arteries in Bucharest. Straulești Road starts at the intersection with Petricani Street and ends at the intersection with Câmpul Pipera Street, intersecting other important streets such as Ion Ionescu de la Brad Boulevard, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street and Jandarmeriei Street.

On Straulesti Road you can find many shops, restaurants, cafes, as well as offices and headquarters of important companies. Also on this street is the campus of the Romanian-American University, as well as various educational institutions and medical centres.

Access to the complex can be made, in addition to the personal car, by bus lines 112 and 149 and the Jiului metro station (2.1 km away).

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