Iancului -Bucharest

Feb 2023

Iancului is a neighbourhood located in the 2nd sector of Bucharest. The main artery of the neighborhood bears the same name, as well as the Square which is at the central, western end of the artery. Iancului is one of the central neighborhoods of Bucharest, a place where you find all the facilities you need within walking distance from your home. From Iancului metro to Iulia Hasdeu National College to Voltaj Academy music school, Foisor hospital or Mega Image shops, pharmacies or petrol stations, the neighbourhood offers you all the options.

Elegant and imposing, Ferdinand Boulevard offers a pleasant feeling to both passers-by and residents. On this boulevard you will notice several houses that belonged to prominent families, such as the Budișteanu House and the Flechtenmachercare dating back to 1897. The area has historically been of great commercial importance, linking with the Obor area. Another iconic building in the area is the Foișorul de foc, a 42-metre tower inaugurated in 1889 as a fire alarm point.

Would you like the well-known Ferdinand Boulevard to become your new address? Choose comfort, quality and freedom of movement, the perfect attributes for your lifestyle.

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