Adrian Stoichină (COO Prima Development)

Dec 2022

The pleasant surprise of working with the sales team formed and managed by The Concept has been the alignment with our company values in terms of the importance they place on process. We believe that what determines the performance of a team or a project is not those one-off, extraordinary things that happen at a given moment, but rather the habits that the team has every day. We have found these habits that bring added value to the project in the sales team dedicated to the CORE New Times project.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that they are proactive, that they make plans and report back constantly and in an organized way, that they put a lot of emphasis on continuous improvement of the team, that they invest in the education of their colleagues and that they have a combination of strengths that make success inevitable: they are very good professionals in their field, very flexible and open to new ways of doing things.

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