Snagov – Bucharest

Jan 2023

When nature calls, you answer. In Snagov, you’ll have special places for boats, for when you want to feel the lake breeze or when you want to go out for a fishing trip. Snagov Forest is a fragment of the fabulous old Vlăsiei Forest, which stretched over 4 counties and 5 towns. Both the lake and the forest have been declared a nature reserve since 2000, being a protected area due to its geological value and richness of flora and fauna.

The location will welcome you with open arms for picnics, walks and bike rides. Free of hazards, with footpaths, signposts and accessible trails, it will be impossible to get lost. You’re surrounded by beech trees, gorillas and also by non-native friends: deer, roe deer and pheasant. If you need more options, you can enjoy Edenland Park, Tâncăbești Park or Snagov Dendrological Collection.

When you need your time to relax, in Snagov you can choose between the Arkadia Horse Riding Club, Wakeboarding HighSports or Villa 23 Resort Spa. After a walk in nature, you deserve a delicious meal. You can enjoy it with friends or family in restaurants like Chef Experience, Coliba Haiducească Snagov or Snagov Club in the area.

Planning your next seaside or mountain getaway? In Snagov, you’re minutes away from Otopeni Airport and DN1, so we can only wish you a pleasant holiday. Live in the heart of nature and enjoy all the beauties it has to offer – from views and tranquility to activities and fresh air!

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