Străulești, Bucharest

Feb 2024

Străulești Zone is located in Sector 1 of the Capital, in the north-western region of the city. It has undergone transformation in recent years, with residential projects being built here both by real estate developers and directly by landowners.

Străulești encompasses areas with quite intense traffic, especially near the exit from Bucharest towards Mogoșoaia, but also airy zones with quiet streets, some even in close proximity to the Străulești forest or lake.

The area is suitable for you if you want to escape the city hustle at the end of the day. In this north-western part of the Capital, you will find modern villas, especially at relatively high prices. Their location, however, can be ideal for you if you seek tranquility, as many streets have limited traffic. Additionally, you will have the forest and the lake just steps away from home.

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