Mamaia Nord

Jul 2023

Mamaia Nord is a special holiday destination that perfectly blends the relaxed beach atmosphere with a diverse range of entertainment activities. This area of the Mamaia resort, located to the north of the famous Siutghiol Lake, promises you a memorable experience in the heart of the Black Sea.

With its fine and sparkling sand, vast and welcoming beaches will entice you to indulge and enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the calm waters of the sea. Here, you can savor simple pleasures like leisurely strolls along the shoreline or moments of joy with friends and family in a summer setting.

Mamaia Nord offers more than just dreamy beaches. It captivates you with numerous options for fun and adventure. If you crave adrenaline and excitement, you can choose from water sports such as jet-skiing, kitesurfing, or windsurfing. The warm and tranquil waters of Siutghiol Lake are perfect for experiencing these unforgettable activities.

If you’re in search of entertainment and fun, you can explore the nearby clubs and bars, which will welcome you with music and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you want to party until dawn or enjoy a peaceful evening in one of the luxury spas in the area, Mamaia Nord caters to all preferences with its rich offerings.

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