Chitila – Bucharest

Feb 2023

Once settled in one of the most modern residential complexes in Chitila, you can take a walk through the Dendrological Park or take a run to the Stejarii Country Club where you can enjoy a variety of sports and recreational activities for the whole family.

We know that you need an education at the highest level for your children, that’s why in Chitila you can find Kindergarden Voinicel, Primary School Ion Olteanu and Secondary School Professor Ion Vișoiu. Everyday shopping can easily be done in LIDL, Mega Image or Colloseum Mall. Kaufland Străulești, and if you want to keep fit, you have access to the fitness room, sports centre and several restaurants with delicious food.

In Chitila you enjoy the best of both worlds – the world of nature that offers you fresh air, coolness and peace, but you stay close to the world of the city that offers you energy, a thriving social and professional life. Yes, you really can have it all.

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