Băneasa – Bucharest

Jan 2023

Discover Băneasa, an exclusive residential area that allows you to enjoy peace, relaxation and nature. When it comes to entertainment or shopping, you already know where to go. Băneasa Shopping City, Stejarii Country Club, and if you want to have fun with the little ones you can choose between Băneasa Zoo, Băneasa Forest or even visit Mogoșoaia Palace. Do you travel often? There’s nothing better than to choose a home a few minutes from Băneasa and Otopeni Airport or DN1.

We also know that your health is important to you, so once you move to Băneasa you have Băneasa Regina Maria Hospital or Cantacuzino Băneasa Institute just a few minutes away from home. Being surrounded by nature every day in an exclusive area helps create the perfect home that everyone aspires to.Make comfort a priority because you deserve to live at the highest standards.

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