Ground, middle or upper floor. Which do you choose?

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Ground, middle or upper floor. Which one to choose?

sept. 2021

Choosing an apartment is an important decision, and in order to make the right choice you need to keep in mind a few tips. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option: ground floor, intermediate and upper floors.



No stairs to climb – ideal for the elderly, families with young children or pets
Lower summer temperatures – lower electricity costs
Lower price compared to apartments on upper floors


Lack of natural light and a pleasant view
Lack of privacy
Noise caused by proximity to the street
Predisposition to theft and damage



Stable temperatures
Easy access to ground floor
Apartments on intermediate floors stay cool and this helps reduce electricity bills and AC consumption in summer


Prone to pest attacks and break-ins
High noise level if located on a busy street
Higher heating costs in winter
Higher price compared to ground or top floor apartments



It’s quieter – because no one lives above you, and noise from ground level is reduced.
The price of a top-floor apartment is usually lower than the price of one on an intermediate floor.
Depending on the area in which it is located, it can offer panoramic views of the city that you would not generally get from apartments on lower floors.
It has a higher exposure to natural light, which leads to less use of artificial lights.
Electricity and gas bills will be lower in winter due to higher temperatures
Less prone to theft and pests
Some buildings allow the owner on the top floor to have access to the roof


Handling furniture and luggage if there is no lift or if it breaks down
Higher electricity bills in summer,
More dangerous in the event of a disaster
Which floor do you choose?

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